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Sailing Trip Indonesia

Journeying into unique and remote best destinations to the East Indonesian Archipelago such as Komodo Island – Flores, Raja Ampat – Papua, Banda Neira – Maluku, Ambon – Maluku, Wayag, Misool, Waigeo, Sorong – Papua, Wakatobi – Sulawesi, Bunaken Marine Park – Sulawesi, Bali Island, Gili Island – Lombok, Manado – Sulawesi, Weh Island – Sumatra, Lembeh strait – Sulawesi, Moyo Island – Sumbawa, Alor Island and other islands around Indonesian Archipelago to enjoying Sailing Trip, Sailing Expedition, Scuba Dive Cruises, Snorkeling, Diving in the best site dive destination of the world and other Water Activities in the comfort and privacy of a small ship charter is the perfect solution for creating lifelong memories.

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Journeying into unique and remote best destinations to the East Indonesian Archipelago such as Bali Island, Komodo Island, Ambon, Banda Neira, Misool or Raja Ampat Island and other islands with liveaboards (paket menginap di kapal) cruising, sailing trips or diving trips in the comfort and privacy of a small ship charter is the perfect solution for reconnecting with others while creating lifelong memories. Expect highly sailing or diving sites (scuba dive) excursions, focusing on nature and wildlife, local culture, Indonesian dining, and making the journey memorable.

Sailing Trip Indonesia expert team are on hand to personalize a truly unforgettable vacation / adventure cruise experience for the group, making a vacation customized to individual guests’ preferences such as private luxury sailing catamaran cruise, sail of sharing boat, boats / yachts charter, Boat Rentals, water activities, diving activities, boat charter Indonesia around, etc. This ensures everyone can simply relax and make every minute count.

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Sea Safari VII Liveaboard Diving Sailing Trip Komodo
Sea Safari VII Liveaboard Komodo
Charter Boat Cheng Ho Phinisi Liveaboard Sailing Diving Trip Komodo
Cheng Ho Komodo
Adishree Liveaboard
Charter Boat Lamborajo 2 II Phinisi
Lamborajo 2/II Phinisi
sewa kapal phinisi cajoma 3 iii
Cajoma III Phinisi
MV. Cajoma IV / 4
KLM Jofiel Liveaboard
KLM Maipa Deapati
Blue Dragon Liveaboard Diving Saling Trip Komodo Island
Blue Dragon Liveaboard

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santorini charter boat
Santorini Boat Komodo
Riley Phinisi Boat Liveaboard Komodo Sailing Trip Indonesia
Riley Liveaboard
elvano liveaboard sailing trip komodo indonesia
Elvano Liveaboard
Charter Boat Lamborajo I Phinisi Komodo
Lamborajo I/1 Komodo
charter boat baronang
Baronang Boat Komodo
kanha loka liveaboard sailing trip indonesia
Kanha Loka Liveaboard
boat cajoma eco
Cajoma Eco
kanha nata liveaboard sailing trip indonesia
Kanha Nata Liveaboard

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Bounty Cruise Bali
Bali Aneecha Catamaran Cruise Sunset Day Trip Dinner Party Yacht Boat Charter Sailing Liveaboard Trip Indonesia
Aneecha Catamaran Bali
Bai Hai Cruise Sunset Day Trip Dinner Party Yacht Boat Charter Sailing Liveaboard Trip Indonesia
Bali Hai Cruise
Quicksilver Cruise Bali

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Sewa Kapal Phinisi Boat Charter Sea Safari VI / 6 Liveaboard Diving Sailing Trip Indonesia
Sea Safari VI / 6 Raja Ampat
Aliikai Voyage Liveaboard Sailing Diving Trip Charter Boat
Aliikai Liveaboard
the kurabesi explorer boat
Kurabesi Phinisi
Raja Ampat Explorer Liveaboard Diving Sailing Trip
Raja Ampat Explorer
Putri Papua Phinisi Sailing Diving Liveaboard Trip Indonesia
Putri Papua Liveaboard
MV. Cajoma V / 5 Phinisi
LAMIMA Luxury Sailing Yacht Liveaboard Diving Trip Indonesia
Lamima Luxury Liveaboard
Neomi Liveaboard Diving Sailing Trip Indonesia
Neomi Liveaboard
Temukira Boat Phinisi Liveaboard Sailing Diving Trip Indonesia
Temukira Liveaboard
Blue Manta Liveaboard Diving Sailing Trip ID
KM Blue Manta
Sea Safari VIII 8 Liveaboard Diving Sailing Trip Indonesia
Sea Safari VIII/8 Liveaboard
coralia liveaboard charter boat diving sailing trip indonesia
Coralia Liveaboard
Indo Siren Liveaboard Diving Sailing Trip Indonesia
Indo Siren Liveaboard

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There are many great liveaboard diving or best boat cruise Indonesia to the best destinations around Indonesia Island, including but not limited to Bali mostly resort based, Raja Ampat Liveaboard diving, Triton Bay, Cenderawasih Bay, Derawan, Ambon and the Banda Sea, Sulawesi liveaboards to remote sites, and Wakatobi. Unique islands such as Komodo diving are also best explored via liveabaord or Indonesia boat chartes.

Sewa Kapal Phinisi Sailing Komodo Trip, Komodo Boat Charter, Raja Ampat Sailing Trips, Raja Ampat Diving Trip and Phinisi Liveaboard Charter Yacht in Banda, Ambon, Maluku are the most popular today. Enjoying Indonesia archipelago with Sailing Trip Indonesia – Managed by Putra Wijaya Tours.

Beauty Underwater Activities of Indonesia: Scuba Dive or Diving & Snorkeling Trip in Labuan Bajo – Komodo Island | Bali Island | Raja Ampat – Papua | Ambon – Maluku | Banda Neira | Wakatobi – Sulawesi | Kalimantan | Sumatra and arround Indonesian Archipelago

Indonesia has many of the best snorkeling and diving trip or scuba dive spots offering very charming underwater beauty, even some of these dive sites have been recognized worldwide. Indonesia Island is the Best Scuba Diving Destinations in the World (The Best Scuba Diving Destinations 2020). Indonesian waters are the center of the Coral Triangle, so that unique and rare fauna, all belong to Indonesia. Two thirds of the world’s coral and bio diversity also exist in this country. The best dive spots leisure liveaboard scuba diving and sailing trip in the Indonesian archipelago with many Indonesian boat charter options that can suit your needs and budget.

Highlights include: large schools of fish, manta rays, reef sharks, wobbegong sharks, walking sharks, turtles, Spanish mackerel, tuna, barracuda, pygmy sea horses, nudibranchs galore, ghost pipefish, cuttlefish, crustaceans and stunning pristine coral reefs… Continue reading

Best Season Sailing Tour Boat Charter Sewa Kapal Phinisi and Duration Liveaboard Diving Trip in Indonesian Archipelago

  • Sewa Kapal Phinisi Labuan Bajo – Komodo National Park Boat Charter: One Day Trip, 2 Days 1 Night (2D/1N), 3 Days 2 Nights (3D2N), 4 Days 3 Nights (4D/3N) and 5Days 4 Nights (5D4N). Best sailing season trip on December to March, April to June, July to August, September to November.
  • Sewa Kapal Phinisi Boat Charter Banda – Ambon – Misool – Sorong 10 Days 9 Nights (10D9N) – Crossing Trip.
  • Boat Charter Sewa Kapal Saumlaki – Forgotten Island – Alor – Maumere 9 Days 8 Nights (9D8N) – Crossing Trip.
  • Sewa Kapal Phinisi Raja Ampat – Misool – Banda – Saumlaki 11 Days 10Nights (11D10N) – Crossing Trip.
  • Sailing Trip Sewa Kapal Phinisi Ambon – Banda 6 Days 5 Nights (6D5N).
  • Sewa Kapal Phinisi Boat Charter Liveaboard Sorong – Misool – Raja Ampat 8 Days 7 Nights (8D7N).
  • Sorong – Raja Ampat – Wayag 8 Days 7 Nights (8D7N).
  • Bali – Komodo – Bali 10 Nights (31 Dives) – Diving Trip.
  • Komodo Island 10 Nights (35 Dives) – Diving Packages.
  • Around Komodo National Park 8 Nights (28 Dives) – Diving Trip.

Sewa Kapal Phinisi Komodo Island Charter Boats and Sailing Trip Labuan Bajo

Komodo charter boats, private boats cruise, charter yacht or phinisi, best liveaboard (LOB) cruising, sailboat and waters activities: snorkeling and scuba dive spot or diving packages, sailing trip sites sewa kapal phinisi in Labuan Bajo and arroud around Komodo Island, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

Sailing Trip Komodo Cruise: Cruising in the Land of Komodo Dragon

Sailing Trip Komodo Island is the best destination in the world a Komodo as Dragon Island will bring you to the most magnificent snorkeling spots and land sights tour in the famous Komodo National Park.

Highlight spot leisure trip in around Komodo National Park – Labuan Bajo such as: Padar Island, Pink Beach, Kelor Island, Menjerite Island, Rinca Kalong, Taka Makassar, Manta Point, Sebayur Island, Kanawa / Bidadari Island, Gili Lawa.

Best diving spot in Komodo National Park: Sebayur, Mini Wall, Crystal Rock, Castle Rock, Cauldron, Padar Bay, Three (3) Sister, Pilarsteen, Batu Bolong, Makasar Reef.

Home of the most amazing sceneries for photographers, scuba divers, hikers, beach strollers. Visit the last dragons on earth in a land that time forgot Take a break to snorkeling activities at the crystal clear waters of this UNESCO world heritage site.

A private charter boat for sailing trip komodo organize by Sailing Trip Indonesia will give you the freedom to personalize the itineraries and activities according to your preferences. Our Komodo Boats Charter are tailored to fit the style, budget and timeframe of your group and are suitable for Adults and Kids will bring you to the best komodo scuba dive tour.

A traditional Phinisi Schooner is a comfortable yet adventurous way to travel to Komodo National Park and beyond. Relax on the deck, be with friends and family, or experience one of the many land and water activities Komodo tour has to offer – Scuba Diving, Hiking or Snorkeling.

Climb a breathtaking viewpoint for sunset, stroll along a virgin beach or observe huge flying bats chasing the night while the sun gives way to a blanket of stars.

Sailing Trip Komodo: Highlight

The most popular highlight of sailing trip a Komodo Boat Charter are the famous Dragons on Rinca or Komodo Island – the only places in the world to meet this prehistoric predator. The Komodo National Park is the only place in the world where you can see these creatures in their natural habitat. In addition, a lot of other wildlife are waiting for you to be spotted. For example, wild buffaloes, deers and the flying foxes of Kalong Island.

Next to reptile inhabitants, the islands around Komodo offer abundant Marine sites for Diving, Snorkeling and other water activities. Admire colorful of coral gardens, schools of fishes and large Manta Rays. Another highlight destination of Komodo National Park is the stop on one of the few pink beaches our planet has to offer. Take photos and keep memories while on top of the National Parks’ breathtaking viewpoints during your trip sailing komodo.

If you are interest on land-based activities you will not fall short. The island of Padar is the most popular view point, but there are many more impressive peaks to climb. Spend a night stargazing on the deck of your private charter boats.

No pollution makes the Milky Way sparkle and appear in its full beauty in trip sailing Komodo tour. Komodo is a Cruising Destination not only intended for Scuba Divers! A huge number of Marine Life can be found in the first 5 meters and there are many other highlights of Komodo that does not require diving.

Join Sailing Trip Indonesia for a scheduled trips or a Komodo Private Cruising for groups of friends and family. Starting and ending points of the Komodo Island Cruise is Labuan Bajo Harbour.

Bali Liveaboard (LOB) | Sewa Kapal Charter Boat Phinisi | Bali Fast Boats | Scuba Diving Bali | Bali Island Cruising | Sailing Trip Bali | Bali Yacht Charter | Day Trip Cruise Bali

Bali the best destination for charter boat phinisi liveaboard (LOB), luxury cruising, sailing trip catamaran, sharing fast boats, water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, in Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, Tanjung Benoa and around Bali Island Area.

Sailing Trip Indonesia offering a range of boats and trip itineraries focussed on the Bali, Lombok and Komodo areas with embark Bali to make suit most budgets and occasions. We design sailing boats packages to suit your needs depending on the length of trips and which destination you like to explore with charter boat phinisi or sharing fast boat or rental catamaran or cruises Bali Island.

There are day trip packages which the best choice for snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving or any fun activities on it. Half-day trip for catching the sunset from the boat, or experience the sea life with our living on board sailing trip. Each boat includes motorized dinghy to get close to the shore of the islands.

We provide some activities equipment such as snorkeling gear, fishing rods, inflatable toys, and tenders as well as other equipment to make your trip fun and fulfilling. With our extensive experience we are able to recommend and offer you the best options for you and your friends and family to ensure that you have a memorable experience exploring the vast Indonesian archipelago from the sea.

Indonesia Liveaboard Cruising | Sewa Kapal Luxury Phinisi Boats | Yachts Charter | Rental Vessel | Scuba Dive Indonesian Archipelago

Indonesia covers a vast area and has the world’s longest coastline, over 50 thousand kilometers of it. Diving options around the thousands of islands are many and varied. Some places, like the tourist hot spot of Bali, are easily reached and have full service dive centers. From Bali you can dive in cool fast currents to see Mola Molas or you can swim from the shore at Tulamben to dive the world famous Liberty Wreck. Close by the Gili Islands and Lombok offer great diving and beautiful surroundings.

Other areas require somewhat more time to get to. Like the Togian Islands, Sangalaki or Pulau Weh. Moving from place to place is not always easy but the rewards are worth it when you reach an untouched tropical paradise that few have dived before you. Many destinations require long liveaboard trips to reach. Komodo and Flores are best dived by liveaboard as is Irian Jaya and the Banda Sea.

Indonesia also has some fantastic shore diving, such as Manado is the jumping off spot to the wonders of the Lembeh Strait and Bunaken Marine Park where world class diving is on the doorstep of the dive resort. Lembeh has arguably the best macro diving in the world and attracts underwater photographers keen to capture images of critters that are more abundant there than anywhere else.

If you’re interested in exploring the best destinations of Indonesia Islands, or to get memorable moment for diving in in Indonesia. Please contact us for the dive travel information and discussion about the best season and best sailing destination with expert team of Sailing Trip Indonesia.

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