A Sailing Cruise Trip Labuan Bajo Komodo is not only popular for Dragons and spectacular Flora and Fauna, but for world Class Scuba Diving. Komodo National Park offers just about every kind of tropical scuba diving you can imagine. You can dive in warm, calm and colourful shallow reefs which make a habitat for huge schools of fish.

Taking a Komodo boat cruise is the only option to get around and relish every beauty desttination lies in between Flores and Komodo. Get more authentic sailing trip experience by cruising in a modern take of Indonesian Phinisi or choose budget boat as private sailing trip or sharing boats, the greatest way to wander around the archipelago and embark on a Flores exploration. Flores calls for the true adventurers and whi love adventure sailing trip. Join Sailing Trip Indonesia to taste the salty winds and discover the wonderful Flores. Choose your boat that fit your trip plan and budget.


Please note, this is a sample itinerary. Each Cruise is different and the detailed day to day itinerary and sites will be tailored to suit guests’ preferences and weather and ocean conditions. Private Charters offers more flexibility in terms of itinerary compared to Scheduled Trips. Our expert team will work with you on the detailed day to day planning once onboard.

Best Destination Sailing Trip Labuan Bajo Komodo Island 6D/5N

See Detail : Open Trip Sailing Komodo Island 2021-2022

Day 1 | Labuan Bajo, Welcome To Komodo

Depart for your Komodo Island Snorkeling Adventure from Labuan Bajo. Spend time to familiarize yourself with the facilities on board, get a safety briefing and have a refreshing welcome drink while setting off west. Our first stop, Sebayur where you can go for a relaxed and easy snorkeling session.

Day 2 | Taka Malassar, Pink Beach, Padar Island

Padar Island
Pada Island

The morning starts with a light breakfast while cruising to Karang Makassar or Manta Reef, a sure highlight of Komodo Island Snorkeling! There is a high chance to swim along these amazing animals. If you are lucky, you may see more than a dozen manta rays performing dances. Sometimes, they are floating right next to you. After meeting the mantas, we will cruise towards the famous Pink Beach. The crushed red coral gives it its pink color and thus its name. This is one of the very few pink sandy beaches worldwide and snorkeling here is also incredible. You can find some stunning gardens of coral and a coral bommies attracting thousands of fish to this area. Cruise to Padar Island for Sunset.

Day 3 | Trekking with Komodo Dragons

We depart early to get to the Rinca Ranger Station to visit the world-famous dragons of Komodo National Park. You may choose to do a short, medium or long trek while on the island. During your hike you may also encounter various other wildlife such as pigs, deers, monitor lizards and buffaloes in their natural environment. In the afternoon, we will make our way towards Siaba besar for some relaxation time: a swim, snorkeling on the surrounding reefs. Before sunset we cruise to Kalong Island where thousands of bats depart for their nightly chase for food.

Day 4 | Cruise Gili Lawa Darat and Gili Laba

We depart the next morning to head to Gili Lawa Darat, in the northern part of the Komodo National Park. We will find ourselves in a stunning bay with a white sandy beach and crystal-clear waters. Both islands offer some of the best snorkeling opportunities, and for the adventures – some vast snorkeling drifts in-between the narrow channels of the islands. The currents are perfect habitat for schools of giant trevallies, groupers, white tip sharks and sometimes even large manta rays. At the end of the day, we will go for a short hike to a view point on Gili Lawa Darat which offers a spectacular sunset panorama over the islands of the National Park.

Day 5 | Kanawa Island

The next morning, we start the day with snorkeling and swimming in the waters around Gili Lawa Laut and Gili Lawa Darat. Before lunch time, we will head to Kanawa Island. A hidden treasure island offering a diverse snorkeling site and a gorgeous beach. The site is perfect for a dreamy stall around the white sand beach. Cruising to Bidadari Beach for Sunset.

Day 6 | Bidadari Island Farewells

We wake up with the sun rising over Flores Island. Before ending our trip and cruising back to Labuan Bajo for the check out, there is still time for a short wake-up swim in the turquoise waters.

All-inclusive Rate

All meals, beverages, expert-led excursions, snorkeling equipment, return Labuan Bajo airport/ hotel transfer Need to explore the beauty of nature and culture of Flores Island land tour such as Kelimutu Volcano, Melo Village, Spider Rice Field, Ende Village, Waerebo Village, etc combine with Komodo Sailing Trip. Please feel free to contact our Putra Wijaya Tours to get great unforgettable vacation.

Stay Fun and Enjoyed with Sailing Trip Indonesia – Managed by Putra Wijaya Tours.

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