Guide to Raja Ampat Park Fees and Regulation in New Normal 2022

Guide to Raja Ampat Park Fees and Regulation in New Normal 2022. A combination of captivating scenery, outstanding diving and exuberant nature has made Raja Ampat an increasingly popular destination amongst cruisers in Indonesia archipelago.

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Its name translates as “The Four Kings” in Bahasa Indonesia, referring to the four main islands of Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool. Myriad smaller limestone karst spires − similar to those found in Thailand’s Phang Nga Bay or Palau − lay scattered around the major ones, all together hosting vast expanses of mangroves, powder white sand beaches and lush tropical reefs.

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In an effort to protect the delicate underwater ecosystem, the local government has designated seven Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) within the region. Vessels must obtain a special permit before entering any of these protected areas which called as park fees.

Raja Ampat Marine Park Entry Permit for Tag/ PIN

This ‘Tag’ or ‘PIN’ costs (at the time of writing) IDR 1,000,000 (US$77 approx) per visitor and is levied to help the locals manage environmental impact. It’s a plastic card that’s good for a year from the date of purchase.

Raja Ampat Visitor Entry Tickets

In December 2019 the Raja Ampat Regency Government imposed new Raja Ampat Visitor Entry Ticket fees to provide for the installation and maintenance of tourism infrastructure.. Ticket price varies according to the destinations you intend to visit. You can pay at the Raja Ampat Regency Tourism Office desk that you will find it Information Center desk at Waisai port. Generally the Raja Ampat visitor tickets are around IDR 300,000 (around 18 Euro) for all of the major areas and sites.

Raja Ampat Harbor Fees “Port Clearance” for Yachts and Liveaboard Cruise

In addition to the Raja Ampat Park Tag and the Raja Ampat Visitor Fee, there are extra harbor, mooring, local guide, and community fees for Yachts. These fees depend on; the size of the Yacht, guest’s number onboard, and the sites visited during the cruise. Therefore most Yachts ask for a fixed fee of 100-200 Euro to cover all the related tickets, permits and fees required when Sailing Raja Ampat Islands.

Raja Ampat New Regulation

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