Floating Hotel for MotoGP Mandalika | Lombok Liveaboard

After successfully becoming the location for the 2021 World Super Bike (WSBK) implementation, now Mandalika International Street Circuit (PMISC) is preparing to welcome another world-class racing event, namely MotoGP. On 18, 19, 20 March 2022, the Mandalika Circuit will be one of the 21 international circuits in the 2022 MotoGP calendar with the theme MotoGP Indonesia Grand Prix 2022. There are 5 entrances that will be opened to witness the MotoGP performance, including Gilimas Port, Lembar Harbor, Bantal Harbor, Kayangan Harbor, and Lombok International Airport.

Sailing Trip Indonesia.id as official boats charter operator we will provide floating hotel (ship / phinisi / steel boats / catamaran / vessel cruises) from Bali, Raja Ampat, Labuan Bajo for MotoGP event in Mandalika International Circuit – Lombok.

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The hotel capacity in Lombok is only 16 thousand, so the government will increase the lodging capacity according to the tickets sold, which are approximately 63,500, by providing Pinisi and steel ships as floating hotels to address housing shortage during MotoGP racing at Mandalika Circuit, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

And to date, more than 50 ships have been registered which will be used as floating hotels to accommodate the shortage of rooms during the MotoGP event.

Contact us to know what the ship available for floating hotel in Mandalika MotoGP 2022

See Details: Sewa Kapal Phinisi Labuan Bajo – Komodo

Floating Hotel List MotoGP Mandalika Lombok 2022

of Room
(Boat Based)
AlciraPhinisi4 cabins12 PaxLabuan Bajo
Ambai LiveaboardPhinisi8 cabins16 PaxLuwuk
Amira LiveaboardPhinisi10 cabins20 PaxBali
AndamariPhinisi6 cabins12 PaxLabuan Bajo
Anggrek 58 CruisesSteel Catamaran4 cabins08 paxBali
Aurora LiveaboardPhinisi9 cabins18 PaxBali
Calico JackPhinisi5 cabins10 PaxSorong
Carpe DiemPhinisi4 cabins08 PaxBali
FenidesPhinisi5 cabins11 PaxLabuan Bajo
IlikePhinisi8 cabins16 PaxBali
Jelajah LautPhinisi8 cabins22 PaxLabuan Bajo
Kanha LokaPhinisi6 cabins18 PaxLabuan Bajo
Komodo Sea DragonPhinisi6 cabins14 paxLabuan Bajo
Kurabesi ExplorerPhinisi7 cabins14 PaxSorong
Lady DenokPhinisi8 cabins14 PaxLabuan Bajo
Mikumba IIPhinisi10 cabins10 PaxBali
MoanaPhinisi5 cabins10 PaxLabuan Bajo
Perjuangan DuaPhinisi6 cabins12 PaxBali
PinditoPhinisi8 cabins16 PaxBali
Raja LautPhinisi6 cabins12 PaxBali
TemanPhinisi5 cabins12 PaxBali


  • Min booking 3 night stay at mooring, sailing outside mooring will further discussion.
  • All service including meals (4D3N at 9x meals including daily snack).
  • Boat Mooring at Gili Mas Terminal Lombok.
  • NTB Province will provide bus as shuttle the guest to circuit.
  • All booking will full monitoring by Sailing Trip Indoesia.id team.

Booking Procedures

Should you need further assistance or information regarding floating hotels (ships / boats / phinisi) or urgent matters, please do not hesitate to contact us Sailing Trip Indonesia Managed by Putra Wijaya Tours.


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