Ambon – Banda – Maluku

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MALUKU these islands located between West Papua and Sulawesi have long been known for their perfect beaches and reliable winds, offering swells to die for. Having your private charter boat allows you to chase the best winds and conditions of crossing cruise, choosing crossing between the West Coast from Morotai and Halmaherarn and the East Coast from Halmahera until the Buli Islands. Maluku Island is truly the best destination a way to enjoying the surf.

Uncover the fascinating history of Indonesia seas with this amazing 10-day cruise. Leave from Ambon and set sail to the island of Buru, where you’ll tour the Benteng Wantrouw, a Dutch fortress built in the 17th century. Head to the river and enjoy a boat ride through the lush jungles of Buru and catch glimpses a variety of rare wildlife. From there, travel to the town of Sanana and explore a historic Portuguese fortress that still stands today. Continue sailing on to Bacan Island, where you’ll snorkel and see gorgeous coral reefs and tropical schools of fish. Finish the tour discovering more ancient forts on the island of Tidore and visit a nearby museum where priceless royal items are on display.

Maluku – Banda Neira Liveaboards Indonesia Trip 10 Days | 09 Nights

Please note, this is a sample itinerary. Each Cruise is different and the detailed day to day itinerary and sites will be tailored to suit guests’ preferences and weather and ocean conditions. Private Charters Boat offers more flexibility in terms of itinerary compared to Scheduled Trips. It’s designed to inspire you and provide you with thoughtfully curated ideas. You can choose to do this exact itinerary or completely personalize it. All trips are 100% bespoke. Expert team of Sailing Trip Indonesia will work with you on the detailed day to day planning once onboard.

Day 1 | Manipa Island

Start the tour by boarding to sailing cruise with a luxurious schooner in Ambon, from where you’ll set sail towards Manipa Island. Arrive at its shore and visit the lovely village of Tumalehu. Here, you’ll witness sago processing, a powdery substance derived from the heart of a sago palm. Sago is considered a staple food in the country and is used for baking and cooking sweet sago pudding.

Day 2 | Buru Island

In the morning, take a tour of the Benteng Wantrouw, an ancient Dutch fortress used to regulate the production of clove trees. Next, visit a traditional fishing village along the coast. Here, you’ll experience local life and see fishermen busy at work. Head back to the cruise and sail to the beautiful island of Buru, where you’ll anchor overnight.

Day 3 | Buru Island

Begin the day by taking a river cruise through the rich jungles of Buru. Here, you’ll spot a plethora of tropical birds including the Pitta, Sunbird and Kingfisher. Also, keep your eyes open for the rare Babirusa, a unique creature that looks like a cross between a pig and a deer. In the late afternoon, depart from Buru and head to the Sula Islands overnight.

Day 4 | Sulawesi

After breakfast, make your way to shore and explore the island of Sulabesi. Trek to the fascinating town of Sanana and walk through an ancient Portuguese fortress that still stands today. Continue past the town and stop at a village, home to Bajau “Sea Gypsies”. Here, you’ll lose yourself in a maze of wooden footbridges that connect stilt houses above the sea together. In the late afternoon, return to the boat and start our journey to the Obi Islands.

Day 5 | Obilatu Island

Spend the day on the island of Obilatu and choose between visiting a traditional village on the north coast or bask under the sun on smooth white sand in one of the gorgeous bays. Next, discover the area between Obilatu and the island of Obi Mayor and take a dip in the clear turquoise sea. End the day with a stunning sunset from the deck of the ship and sail overnight to Bacan Island.

Day 6 | Bacan Island

Arrive in Bacan Island and visit the tiny town of Labuha. Here, you’ll take a stroll through the bustling market and see fresh fruits and vegetables bursting with color. Next, continue your journey to the north coast of the island, where you’ll enjoy an exciting afternoon of snorkeling. This part of Bacan is carpeted with spectacular coral reefs and is full of tropical fish. After, retreat to the boat and rest onboard in the evening.

Day 7 | Bacan Island

Return to the shores of Bacan and spoil yourself with a day of hiking through lush rainforest. Start in the traditional village of Geti and make your way into the vast green jungle. Be on the lookout for exotic wildlife such as parrots, cockatoos, Macaque monkeys and much more.

Day 8 | Kayoa

Depart from Bacan and cruise to the island of Kayoa. Enjoy a day at sea and marvel at the endless isles that pass you by. In the evening, anchor off the coast of Kayoa and gaze at the millions of shimmering stars above you from the deck.

Day 9 | Tidore

In the morning, step on the island of Tidore and take a stroll through the ruins of ancient Portuguese fortresses. Continue to scenic clove and coconut plantations and admire the endless view of towering palm trees. Next, walk to the small coastal town of Soa Siu and visit the local museum where the sultan’s crown and other royal items are on display.

Day 10 | Departure

On your final day, arrive in Ternate in the morning and depart the schooner. Here, we say farewell and are more than happy to assist you with your next travel plans.

Banda Sea Liveaboard Cruise (LOB)

The Banda Sea is located in the central region of Indonesia and was once known for its lucrative spice trade where foreigners came from all over the world to trade in that most valuable of commodities, nutmeg. The Spice Islands are full of historical significance and you can visit Old Dutch forts and learn all about the history of this once great trading route. Nowadays the region is attracting overseas visitors for very different reasons.

There are the small and beautiful macro creatures that are more often seen around Ambon, such as the scorpion fish which carries its name. You will see big numbers of pelagic fish, most notably impressive numbers of Napoleon wrasse, dog-toothed tuna and squadrons of mobula rays at sites throughout the Banda Islands area. And the schools of fish in the Banda Sea need to be seen to be believed. If you luck is in then you can find a sight not easily forgotten, yourself diving with schooling hammerheads.

Banda Islands highlights destinations include sites like Batu Kapal, Gunung Api and Batu Belanda. Further out into the Banda Sea you will dive in the best dive spots such as Koon Island, Nusa Laut, and the critter haven of Ambon.

Because the Banda Sea is located centrally in Indonesia’s vast diving area, it borders many other wonderful diving sites regions. That means that liveaboard trips to the Banda Sea often include other areas in their itinerary. Unlike other areas like Komodo and Raja Ampat where boats tend to follow 1 or 2 established routes, no two Banda Sea liveaboard trips are ever the same!

Best time to sailing in Banda Islands

The best time to visit Banda Islands is in March-April and September-November. These months enjoy stable and sunny weather to allow for exceptional land explorations. While the Banda Sea enjoys calm waters, guaranteeing unforgettable diving and snorkeling adventures.

You can choose from routes such as Ambon, Banda Neira, The Forgotten Islands & Alor; Flores & Banda Islands; Banda, Flores & Alor; Banda Sea & Triton Bay; and Banda Sea & Forgotten Islands to name just a few.

Most of these trips run for around 10 to 12 nights’ duration and will allow you to sample the wonderful diving in the best sited of Banda, as well as its neighboring regions.