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There are many choices when it comes to boat rental, such as phinisi, catamaran, standard AC cabin boats for charter and phinisi boat charter in many best destination of Indonesia’s, such as Bali Island, Komodo Island, Raja Ampat, Banda Neira, Bunaken Manado, Ambon Maluku, etc

Sailing trip Indonesia will make it easier for you to prepare your sailing plan with a large selection of ships that will be tailored to your needs and desires for a complete sailing experience and enjoy the beauty of the Indonesian Ocean with the best destinations that Indonesia has to offer.

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From sublime natural backdrops to thriving ancient cultures, Indonesia’s 17,000 islands boasting vast areas of wilderness supporting high level of biodiversity. The best – and most luxurious – way to see the untouched corners of our vast archipelago is by private charter boat, with a flexible itinerary designed specifically for you. Travel in style and make your days as adventurous (or relaxed), Liveaboard, Diving, Sailing as you like – we can arrange picnics on pink sand beaches, treks to the top of volcanic islands and snorkel trips through tropical waters teeming with marine life.

Charter Boat its mean renting a whole boat, including crew and all facilities for your personalized experience with friend or family. The pros include having a knowledgeable captain who provides expertise and safety and may agree to also teach the basics. Cabin charters Sailing Trip Indonesia are also cheaper when you don’t have a group of like-minded friends who want to split the cost of a boat.

Sailing Trip Indonesia private Cruise are available throughout the diverse Indonesian Archipelago including the best destination such as Komodo, Sumbawa, Raja Ampat, West Papua and the Moluccas. Goes to everywhere the best sailing destinations from Bali to Gilis and Lombok Islands, Moyo Island and Sumbawa, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Komodo National Park to Sulawesi, Moluccas and Banda Sea and all the way to Raja Ampat and West Papua. Available for Diving Trip, Sailing or Snorkeling Trip.

Sailing Trip Indonesia expert team will be on hand to customize every aspect of your sailing trip charter boat; from adapting menus to fit individual dietary requirements to prioritizing the activities your group enjoys the most.

If you never charter boats before and you are in a doubt by the prospect of being the captain responsible for the boat, here are some tips to make everything go smoothly.

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Sailing Trip Indonesia will help you create an itinerary that suits your travel needs and wishes. We know where you can safely anchor, get supplies, find privacy or enjoy being together in the best destination.

Usually, charter boat Sailing Trip Indonesia using the ship that always provides marine radio or cell phone that available for you all the time to answer questions and give advice while you are on your charter boat trip. In case of any unexpected problem or situation at the sea, you can contact Sailing Trip Indonesia. After all, we want you to have a great time, stay safe, and operate the boat correctly while you’re out at the sea.

Share your Charter Boat with friends and invite your friends who also love boating. This way, you will cheaper cost when you don’t have a group of like-minded friends who want to split the cost of a boat.

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