Diving Trip Alor

Alor as a world-class diving trip, Alor Regency in East Nusa Tenggara has indeed become a dream for world liveaboard snorkeling and scuba diving lovers. However, there are things that must be considered when visiting Alor when visiting. Because if the wrong time to visit Alor, you might not dive and instead stay at the hotel or resort.

Alor popularity as a tourist destination of world-class submarine was not widely known by local travelers. Instead tourists from abroad who know little about the potential beauty of the underwater Alor its East Nusa Tenggara. For objects of beauty dives under the sea, the sea has recorded 26 Alor diving points are very popular for divers from various countries.

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For diving activities or scuba dive in around Alor Islands, you must pay attention to the best time to go to Alor in May, June and July because the waves are calmer. The rainy season, which causes cloudy weather and big waves in Alor, falls from December to March. However, due to erratic weather, sometimes in October, Alor has been hit by heavy rain.

Diving Sites in Alor Islands!

Coral reefs, coral, and various marine life are the main sights in the underwater world of Alor Island. The currents and sea waves are varied, so you will get a diving experience that is quite different from other spots, besides seeing the natural beauty of the underwater.

Banda Neira

It is the capital of the Banda islands and the one of the ten volcanic islands in the Banda Archipelago. You can muck dive with flying gurnards, sea moths, mandarin fish and nudibranches


The seascape is plenty of various kinds of unspoiled hard and soft corals reef. You can see snapper, bumphead, blunthead parrotfish, turtles and sharks

Batu Kepal

It is a pinnacle.  The shallow at the peak on the west of the main rock is 8 meters depth.  It is easily seen from surface. It is connected to the next deeper rock to the north.  Between the shallow and deeper sites, there is a valley going down to 50 Meters depth.  You can see the biggest red tooth trigger fish and large moray eels.  A channel with some boulders is at the east of the Batu Kepal. At the wall of this channel is very colorful and rich in fish and invertebrate species.  The visibility is 40-50 meters.

Lava Flow

It is located in the north of Gunung Api (one of ten volcanic islands in the Banda Archipelago) where volcano forms a small round island built by lava flows. rising 5 km from the sea floor until 282 meters above water. After the volcano erupted in 1988, the bottom of this dive site was covered by lava. Corals started to quickly grow on the cold lava. There is a flourishing , vast carpet of staghorn coral, plate corals and table corals now growing where the lava once flowed.

Htta Island

25 km from Banda Neira. Skaru Atoll, is the name of a coral, few hundred yards south of the island, there is some colony of unicorn fish, Fusiliers, jacks fish and rainbow runners, white-tip sharks measuring almost two meters, napoleon wrasse, dogtoothed tuna, and turtles.

Manuk island

The reefs are very healthy with cabbage corals, and  sponges .

Pohon Miring

It is wall dive with gentle currents. There are larger fish such as tuna, bumphead parrotfish, and napoleon wrasse.


It is located on the west of Banda Neira. It is the top dive site for shark encounter, especially Hammerhead sharks, thresher and silvertip sharks


It is a small island which is full of colorful wall and large amounts of fish. The main wall lays 70m to 150m off the islands’ northwestern coast known as “Depan Kampung” .

Alor Dive Resort

  1. Alor Divers – Eco Dive Resort – Alor Archipelago
  2. Alami Alor Dive Resort
  3. Alor Diving-La P’tite Kepa

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