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Flores is one of Indonesia’s greatest and most fascinating islands, as it remains preserved from tourist crowds. Named as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Komodo Islands is an international tourist attraction. Forged by active volcanoes and eroded by the ocean, Flores has many secrets to offer. Flores is a land of diversity which has something to offer for everyone. Few places in Indonesia offer this unique combination of beautiful natural scenery and distinctive environment. Yet it is just one of the many amazing things to do in Flores.

Flores Overland Tour program will discover more about the uniqueness of Flores island which starts from Maumere or Ende in the eastern of Flores Island. It includes visiting Kelimutu three color lake, Riung seventeen isles sea garden, Bajawa cultural region, Ruteng with Flores hobbit cave, impressive and unique traditional village of Wae Rebo, combining with touring to Komodo National Park to visit the real natural home of Komodo dragon. Flores Overland tour will give you the unique experienced as the island is still undeveloped from being modern life, local people are so charming, nature is still pure, and culture is also so unique. In Nine days discovering the islands both Flores and Komodo are perfect travel plan. Here, beneath is the recommended tour itinerary, but it can also be modified as you want.

Flores and Komodo trip from Bali is very suitable for those who want to entrust all purposes during the trip to us. Because all of this trip will be adjusted to the time and what kind of trip you want later. We can put all the components into the price of this product, for example: airfare, hotel, and all other purposes during the tour.

For more detailed information about our Flores & Komodo tour program, please contact us. All our tours are private and tailored to your individual interests, schedules and wishes. You are welcome to send us your questions. We will get back to you shortly with the information you requested. We are in Indonesia, so please take into account that there is time difference.

Best Destination in Flores & Komodo Labuan Bajo (Indonesia)

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The island of Flores in Indonesia means ‘Flowers’, although  this is something of a misnomer as there are no tulips or roses to be seen here. Instead many people come to this island, which sits next to Lombok, for its underwater vistas as this is said to be one of the best places in world to go diving. As such, you can expect crystal clear waters as well as pristine sands, and a huge number of underwater creatures call Flores home, including sharks, turtles, and rays.

Many visitors to Indonesia never make it this far down the chain of islands, but if you have the time then it is well worth checking out this part of the country. As well as the diving opportunities you can also spend time in national parks or marvel at multi-hued lakes, and this is also the home of the fierce Komodo dragon. In short, whether you want to explore the land or the Komodo seas, there is more than enough to keep you busy in this fascinating part of the world.

Here are the best things to do in Flores Labuan Bajo…

1. Visit Komodo National Park Area

Komodo Island is home to a national park and is arguably the most famous spot in Flores. The park is known for its fearsome residents in the form of Komodo dragons, which are actually a kind of large lizard.

Visiting Komodo Island by private boat charter or open trip sharing boat, you can visiting some islands with much activities such as snorkeling, diving, hiking and trekking such as

Flores has a number of marine parks and one of these is the 17 Islands Marine Park which is a wide stretch of azure waters which are full of fish and turtles. If you want to stay out of the water then you can sunbathe on the white sandy beaches here or you can trek through the jungle in search of resident flying foxes and fruit bats.

Trekking to Padar Island, the big draw on Padar Island is the beaches and there are three separate areas on the island which are black, white, and pink respectively.

Hike and Swim around Gili Laba, a tour of Gili Laba starts with a 30-45 minute hike to the viewpoint. From Gili Laba Viewpoint you have panoramic views over rolling brown hills, a crescent shaped pink beach and the dark blue Flores Sea that stretches to the horizon. Gili Laba is a popular stop over point on the Lombok to Flores cruise.

Kanawa Island, located off the coast from Labuan Bajo and this is something of an underwater paradise if you like diving or snorkeling.The waters here teem with marine life and there is a good chance of spotting turtles, rays, and sharks and you will find colorful reefs as well as coral gardens that sway in the underwater currents.

One of the best dive sites around the Komodo National Park is Manta Point. This dive site is in a channel between two islands. If you like diving you need to try this site. A dive here offers you the chance to see schools of Manta Rays drifting slowly through the water between turtles and other sea life.

And there’s still many choice island to visiting around Komodo National Park.

2. Experience Sunrise at Kelimutu Lake

Located in the misty peaks of central Flores are the three Tri Colored Lakes of Kelimutu. One of the star attractions in Flores is Kelimutu which is actually a volcano, although this is not the main draw here. he reason people flock to Kelimutu is for  the three lakes, located a stones throw from each other, are all a different color. The color changes in the sunlight. Normally the lakes are red, white and blue, but if you want to see the full range of colors you should visit at sunrise.

3. Photograph the Spiderweb Rice Fieldsat at Cancar

Flores is known for its fields which are actually rice paddies, the fields in Flores are called lingko or spider web fields as the rice terraces are arranged in a spider web formation with each part of the web assigned to a different family in the area. Depending on the wealth of the family, the larger their piece of the spider web and one of the best places to see them is in Cancar close to Ruteng. If you are a photographer you will want to visit the Spiderweb Rice Fields surrounding Cancar.

4. Watch a Caci Fight Dance

The indigenous people in the west part of Flores are known as the Manggarai people and they have a wealth of enchanting traditions and celebrations that are different to anything you are likely to see in other parts of Indonesia. One of these is the Caci, he fights are held between young males of competing villages. Over four rounds the competitors take it in turns to attack each other. The defender has a wooden rattan shield and stick while the attacker wields a long whip. The winner is the person who manages to hit the other player the most times. The dance is accompanied by drum beats and is not meant to be a serious fight, so don’t worry that you are actually going to see a violent attack, as it is more a ceremonial spectacle than anything. The dances happen in local villages and don’t usually run to a set schedule, so the best thing to do is contact our team to find the schedule.

5. Trek to Wae Rebo Village

The main reason to go to Wae Rebo is to check out a tradition village inhabited by the Manggarai people, although in this case the journey itself is part of the experience. The trek stretches over 10 kilometers and will take you through sweeping jungles and over craggy cliffs, and you will also pass cascading waterfalls where you can stop for a dip in one of the limpid pools at the base. Once you get to the village you will get to see how the locals live and can enjoy some typical food and music, and even stay overnight in a round hut that is still made in the traditional.

6. Spend the Day at Bena Village

Bena Village is a megalithic village located in Aimere District, Ngada Regency, Flores NTT. Bena can be reached by using a rental vehicle from Bajawa about 19 km to the south of Bajawa. The houses in the village are built with high thatched roofs and decorated with the skulls of water buffalo and pig jaws. With its impressive stone formations and ancestral shrines, as well as traditional houses, Bena has turned into a signpost for Ngada culture.

The location of Bena Village which is on the top of a hill with Mount Inerie as a background really makes the atmosphere of this village beautiful and exotic. IThe people of Bena believed that the existence of the Yeta God who had a throne on Mount Inerie would protect their village.  At present Bena Village consists of approximately 45 houses surrounding each other with 9 tribes inhabiting these houses, namely the Dizi tribe, the Dizi Azi tribe, the Wahto tribe, the Deru Lalulewa tribe, the Deru Solamae tribe, the Ngada tribe, the Khopa tribe and the Ago tribe.

Nga’du means the symbol of a male ancestor and its shape resembles an umbrella. While Bhaga means the ancestral symbol of a woman whose shape resembles a miniature house.

7. Jump from Cunca Wulang Waterfall

Flores Island has not only the Labuan Bajo which has been famous for the beauty of the blue beaches. Somewhere in Wersawa Village, Mbeliling, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province, you can find a stunning waterfall. This destination is known as the Cunca Wulang Waterfall. The heavy flow of blue turquoise water will spoil your eyes when you arrive to this place. The Cunca Wulang is about 30 kilometers to the east of Labuan Bajo, which can be reached in about an hour drive. This location has a clear river valley water flow and is surrounded by artistic rock formations, thus making this waterfall as the Grand Canyon miniature found in Arizona, America.

In Indonesian, “cunca wulang” means “waterfall and moon”. This waterfall is located at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level making the atmosphere of this place is very cool. At first glance, you will feel that you are in the “Grand Canyon” when arriving in this place because there is a river flow between the cliffs of large rocks. The waterfall is above the rocks and the waters come out through the gaps in the rocks. Cunca Wulang Waterfall was made famous by photographers and Instagram. There is a spot after the waterfall enters the gorge where you can jump off the cliff into the water. If you have fast shutter speed you can take a great photo of kids diving into the water (or your friends diving into the water).

8. Climb up Love Hill and Watch the Sunset

The Love Hill is a sunset point just outside of Labuan Bajo. From the top of the hill you look out over tropical grass, coconut trees and rolling hills towards the turquoise waters of the Flores Sea that stretch out to the horizon. It’s a really beautiful setting. The site is often added onto the end of a day tour from Labuan Bajo.

There are so many great things to do in Flores. However, you will need time to explore the island if you want to do the things on this list. To make the most of your time here set aside a minimum of a week to explore Flores. This will give you the chance to visit Labuan Bajo and also explore the highlands of Flores.

Sailing Trip Indonesia also organize land tours to the Multi-Colored Lakes of Kelimutu in Flores, the traditional animist villages and jungle villages of Flores Island. Here is the recommended tour itinerary, but it can also be modified as you want. So you just come right out with no thought of it all we will personalize your needed, here are some of our Flores and Komodo Tour package offered:

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