Kalimantan and Borneo

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Discover the Natural Wonders of famed Tanjung Puting and Sebangau Orangutan National Parks and getting a special feeling that Borneo invokes.There is no other experience that comes close to cruising on a tranquil river in Central Kalimantan surrounded by lush tropical jungle while watching rehabilitated orangutans frolicking in nature reserves, meet indigenous tribes and visit their traditional houses! Relax on board while sailing the Majestic Rivers of Central Kalimantan.

Kalimantan is also know as “The land of the thousand rivers”, and has a wealth of ecological and cultural treasures that survive deep within the rain forest jungle of Indonesia’s largest island.

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Many Rivers can be found, and are Rangked as Longest and or Biggest Rivers in the World. The Kapuas River at West Kalimantan, with the lenght of 1100 km is the longest river in Indonesia, followed by The Mahakam River with the lenght of 960 km the second longest river in Indonesia.

The Barito is with it 4 km weight the world biggest River. Not to forget the Kayan River, with it lenght of almost 800 km. The Kahayan River with it side Rivers Katingan and Rungan River will bring you in to the deep Jungle of Mystic Borneo Island to explore the tradition of the Dayak Ot Danum. The Sekonyer River brings you in to Tanjung Puting National park, The Kayan and Bahau River streams in to the Kayan Mentarang National Park, with it side Rivers as the Krayan.

The Rivers in Kalimantan are highways in to the hinterland regions as infrastructure is still poor in most of Kalimantan regions. Some paved roads can be found bewteen coastal cities, but routes in to the interior of Borneo can be most easily done over the Rivers.

Rivers are very important transport cannals now-a-days, as Kalimantans development continues, like mining from differant types, as gold, and coal, plantations as palm oil and rubber, has it transport needs.

For the adventure travelers it is the way to discover the isolated areas along the upper reaches of the rivers. Gere dense jungle and diversity of flora and fauna can be found. Klotok Boat is a traditional Kalimantan boat made of wood the only alternative to wading the river in Kalimantan. This boat has various types and sizes, this boat has a room to sleep, bathroom, kitchen, and dining room, and a seat in front to relax and a seat behind the boat (viewing deck) to enjoy the view around the River.

For people or tourists who want to visit Tanjung Puting National Park or just along the River, you can use the Klotok boat that is rented by the tour operator in Kalimantan.

The indigenous Dayak settlements along the Rivers of Kalimantan is an ideal way to experience the incredible culture, where village elders practice traditional medicine and mark their status with intricate body tattoos and remarkably heavy ear adornments, you will be warmly welcomed guests in their traditional longhouses.

Once it began to enter the national park and the forest, the cellphone signal or other gadgets did not exist and disappeared. But, don’t worry, you will not get bored during the trip. Because, you will be presented with a very beautiful view! You can while taking pictures, sunbathing, seeing the nature around, or reading a book.